ARWEN Less Lethal

AOOTY Awards

ARWEN Less Lethal is proud to announce that nominations are now open for the 2023 ARWEN Operator Of The Year Award.

Every year ARWEN Operators help to manage risk and save lives, and their amazing stories highlight the incredible dedication, commitment, and bravery of the heroes in uniform that work to ensure public safety within our communities every day.

The Operator Of The Year Award is meant to highlight the amazing work done by all ARWEN Operators throughout the year by honouring an Operator who has distinguished themselves through exceptional service in the line of duty.

The Operator Of The Year Award is open to any resident of the United States and Canada and nominating an Operator is simple.  

Just contact us and provide us with the name, rank and service of the person you are nominating as the ARWEN Operator Of The Year, and provide us with a brief outline of why you are nominating them.

Our team will reach out to you with a request for documentation to support your nomination.  This documentation can take the form of personal testimonials, media coverage of an incident, or official agency documentation.  All sources of verification will be considered. 

Once your nomination has passed the information gathering and verification process it will be forwarded to our three person Awards Panel, which is comprised of both ARWEN experts and leaders in the field of law enforcement.

The Panel will review all nominations received throughout the year and announce a winner on Friday, January 5, 2024.

The contest for 2023 will close at midnight on December 15, 2023.  All nominations and supporting documentation must be received by that time to be considered.

As this is the first year that the ARWEN Operator Of The Year award will be given a nomination can be made for any incident, not just an event which took place in 2023, so please take the time to recognize your fellow Operators with a nomination.

Full details regarding the prize to be won will be provided as the deadline for nominations approaches.